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Resident Evil Apocalypse Flash GameHere you will find information on everything related to Resident Evil. Learn everything about the franchise - from the first game , which was released back in 1996, up to those which are yet only planned. Learn more about the movies, which were made based on those games, as well as novels and comic books.

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Resident Evil 6

Capcom declares: We are looking forward to release Resident Evil 6 as soon as possible. But that does not mean that the expected game would be made superficially. As Capcom claims, Resident Evil series will be fully reloaded and we can expect a completely different result from previous installments of the Resident Evil franchise. Hopefully, they are not planning to abandon our beloved heroes.


Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

The latest motion picture about Alice's (Milla Javovich) efforts to take down the evil Umbrella Corporation, has been released and is being demonstrated in cinemas all aroun the world.
As it is usual nowadays, the film is shot in 3D.
There are numerous elements borrowed from Resident Evil 5: the main antagonist Albert Wesker, the Executor (Axe Man), as well as the way of how the heads of the zombies are splitting.


Resident Evil: RevelationsRE-relevations-3D

This is the closest game in the line in Resident Evil series for releasing. Unfortunately, this is not going to be multi platform title - it will be released exclusively for the brand new handheld gaming console Nintendo 3DS. (R4 3DS - the official R4i Gold SDHC website.) As the concept of the console is - the game will be packed with three-dimensional effects.
Hopefully, a working 3DS emulator for the new system will be developed sooner, than it was for the previous gaming system Nintendo DS, which was long enough time. It seems, that for the time being, the only possible way to get hands on the upcoming Resident Evil title is to purchase the Nintendo 3DS as soon as it hits the shelves.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

This will be another game for the newcoming Nintendo 3DS. Mercenaries mode, which was introduced in the third installment of the series as a minigame, now gets it's own game. The main objective in this game is to run through the level as fast as possible, while trying to kill as many zombies as possible. The result is converted to points - to compare them online, as well as to unlock new characters and weapons.
There will be cooperative multiplayer mode present as well - using wi-fi connectivity to play with friends in home network or with thousands of people from all around the world over intenet.


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